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OCEAN PRESS is an independent publisher with a unique list of books offering a radical global vision of politics and history, focusing particularly on Latin America. Our books are designed to capture the imagination of those who believe that a world of peace and justice is possible, and who are actively working toward creating such a world.

LATIN AMERICA IN REVOLT From resistance to colonial exploitation to the struggle against neoliberalism today, Latin America has always led the defense of national sovereignty and independence. The new century has brought renewed optimism among Latin American nations pursuing a path of progressive social, political and economic development. Recognizing this, Ocean Press has significantly expanded our list of Spanish-language titles by launching a new sister publishing project, OCEAN SUR.

CHE GUEVARA PUBLISHING PROJECT Ocean Press and Ocean Sur offer a unique list of books presenting the life and ideas of Ernesto Che Guevara—in his own words. In collaboration with the Che Guevara Studies Center in Havana, headed by Che’s compañera, Aleida March, Ocean Press has initiated the Che Guevara publishing project to make available the complete writings of the legendary revolutionary to a new generation.

This project includes new, authorized and corrected editions of some of his classic works such as The Motorcycle Diaries, Bolivian Diary, Guerrilla Warfare and Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War, and some outstanding new anthologies, such as Che Guevara Reader and Latin America: Awakening of a Continent (2007), both of which include a significant amount of unpublished material. Another feature title is Che’s Self-Portrait: A Photographic and Literary Memoir, which not only includes an extraordinary number of rare photographs of Che Guevara and photographs by Che himself, but also some intimate correspondence with friends and family. It also includes for the first time two exquisite short stories written by Che for his compañera while he was in Africa.

A highlight of the Che Guevara publishing project is the release of several unpublished manuscripts, including his Critical Notes on Political Economy (2007) and his Philosophical Notebooks: Writings on Marxism and Revolutionary Humanism (2008). All these Che titles are published in Spanish by Ocean Sur.

Two Ocean Press books are the basis of Steven Soderbergh's new two-part biopic project starring Benicio del Toro as Che. "Che" Part One is based on Che's Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War and "Che" Part Two is based on Che's Bolivian Diary. Both movies were released in early 2009.



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