Latin America at the Crossroads

Domination, crisis, popular movements and political alternatives

Roberto Regalado

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As tension between Latin America and the United States spills on to the world stage, Roberto Regalado provides an incisive analysis of the issues underlying the conflict.

With remarkable clarity and breadth, Regalado describes a resurgent Latin America struggling anew to break free from its history of domination and exploitation, explaining how the recent strengthening of popular movements—from the water struggles in Bolivia to the landless movement in Brazil—has led to the strategic and tactical redefinition of left political parties and other social movements and a revisiting of the perennial question: reform or revolution?

This up-to-the-moment edition considers the significance of recent events in Latin America including coca farmer Evo Morales’s electoral victory in Bolivia and the escalating conflict between Venezuela's President Chávez and Washington.

Roberto Regalado is one of Cuba´s most prominent intellectuals and commentators, having studied and written on Latin American politics for more than three decades.


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This compact book by Roberto Regalado strongly reaffirms the need for revolution in Latin America and beyond… The book is being widely read and studied across Latin America… an excellent reason for socialists and social activists to study it closely.

—Monthly Review

Regalado, one of Cuba’s most prominent public intellectuals, brings us a treatise on the history of a Latin America that has arrived at a point ‘between the centuries’ … arguing that there has not been a general shift to the left—a ‘pink tide’— but a [new] model of neoliberal democracy ‘capable of tolerating left governments as long as they are committed to governing with right-wing policies’.

—NACLA Review of the Americas

It’s rare to read a contemporary Cuban view on the profound changes rocking Latin America, so Roberto Regalado’s latest book offers a welcome insigh into how the electoral victories scored by the left in Latin America is viewed in Cuba.

—Cuba Si

An intellectual work written in scholarly language; recommended for academic libraries and bookstores with strong Latin American political science section.


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